--> Be a plaintiff. Any California Citizen interested in seeing state law enforced can be a plaintiff. Fill out the form below if you want more information on being a plaintiff.

--> Become a paralegal. If you are a good reader (if you have the patience or experience to read legal stuff) or you can do research. No particular legal background is necessary, but critical reading skills are required.

--> Organize. If you have time on weekends or evenings, or even during the day and you would like to chat people up about the project or develop relationships with specific people.

--> Organizing lite. Retweet articles and news about the project.

--> Project Managing. If you want to organize volunteers doing any of the above tasks.

--> Fundraise! If you have contacts, or you want to write documentation.

--> Graphic design or webmaster. If you have strong opinions about what our flyers, website or brochures should look like.

--> you tell me - what do you think?
Email me: Sonja.trauss@gmail.com

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