ADU Enforcement Unit

CaRLA is embarking on a new project for 2018: Enforcement of Accessory Dwelling Units.

Accessory Dwelling Units are a low-cost, low-overhead way for homeowners to build more housing in the midst of our statewide housing shortage.

Sometimes referred to as "Granny Flats" or "Backyard Cottages", ADUs were legalized statewide in 2017. More importantly, their legalization required that all cities in California provide for a by-right approval process.

We need your help to launch

Enforcing housing law costs money. CaRLA is currently fundraising the money needed to launch a new ADU Enforcement Unit by early 2018. We are a 501c3 organization and all of your charitable contributions are tax-exempt.

Know Your Rights

If you are a homeowner in California, you may qualify for instant approval for building an ADU in your backyard. Many cities are working hard to limit construction new ADUs, but they cannot change state law mandating by-right approval.

We are working to track this illegal behavior across the state. If you are trying to build an ADU and believe that your city might be illegally blocking you, there may be remedies available.

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